Here are some questions people often ask me about my illustration process,
I wish my answers will help you to understand the way I work.


– Are your illustrations made digitally or traditionally?

Basically I work in a traditional way, adding poor digital corrections at the end.
I don’t dislike working with computer, but I feel more satisfied when I work directly on paper.
Usually I realize my illustrations mixing different tools: colored pencils, watercolor, tempera, ball pen,
ink pen, acrylic and sometimes based colors (with oil).

FAQs 1.diegosever


– How much do you charge?

It really depends by many factors:
– deadline (are you in a hurry or can I take my time?)
– the complexity of the illustrations.
– what the illustrations are going to be used for?
– the importance of the customer
(are you a big international corporation or a small emerging business?)
– the size of the illustration.


– What are your favourite subjects to illustrate?

I like to draw human faces, animals, characters from literature and history, imaginary worlds, fairy tales, comics, satirical strips, etc.
In general, my favourite projects are related to stories, books, literature, politics, comics, and obviously picture books.

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– “Sever” doesn’t sound like an italian surname… Is it your real name?

Diego Sever is my professional name, my real name is Diego Severgnini,
Unfortunately my surname is quite hard to write (also for italian people!), so I choose to cut it.

FAQs 4.diegosever

– What your studio look like?

My studio is my attic: two drawing desks, one computer, painting tools everywere, hundreds of art books
and one beautiful cat (because cats are a source of inspiration).

my studio - diego sever illustration